Padded Handle Dog Lead (Leash) for police dogs

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  • Model: L10##1097 Nylon dog leash

Description offers Handmade Padded Handle Dog Lead (Leash) for your police dogs

Luxury Dog nylon leash for tracking, walking and training with support material on the handle also best for using everyday!!!

The soft leather padding on the lead handle makes walking your dog a pleasure.
This very comfortable but highly practical cushioned handle both reduces sweat and friction problems that can occur on prolonged dog walks.

Durable dog leash for medium and large dogs like police dogs

Padded Handle Dog Lead (Leash) for police dogs

Padded Handle Dog Lead (Leash) for police dogs

Dog nylon leash size:
3/4 inch on 4 foot (2.0 cm on 120.0 cm)
3/4 inch on 6 foot (2.0 cm on 180.0 cm)

You are also can choose this Leash with HS made in Germany quick release(scissor type) snap hook!!!!!

General "Woof" leash  Tip: To make this lead high quality product we used selected leather hides

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