Bite sleeve

Jute Gappy or Frabo Sleeve Cover

Your choice of either a jute cover made from Gappy or Frabo. These covers will fit all standard bite sleeves. This item number is for your choice of jute covers.

Jute Sleeve Covers

Our sleeve cover is made from Jute. It is constructed with a “no noisy” lining. You can choose to have this sleeve cover with or without the handle on it. This is a very stable high quality jute sleeve cover and will fit most sleeves.

Schweikert Puppy Sleeve

Our  great puppy sleeve for the very young ones, very light and soft sponge padding , great for imprinting made out of bite suit material .

Schweikert Jambier / Leg Sleeve with bite bar

Made out of strong bite suit material, with thick padding additionally equipped with a detachable bite bar . Velcro fastenings and a grip handle located in the upper of ...

Schutzhund Protection Training Sleeve Cover, Jute Sleeve Cover

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